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Message par g3n-h@ckm@n Sam 23 Nov - 16:00

Further to an infection Mabezat, Virut, Sality or other one of the kind (worm / virus) very difficult to eradicate, there is another solution to get rid of it: DrWeb CureIt

Download drWeb, and register it on the desktop,from this link:

Then, as possible, burn it.

Connect all your USB devices (mp3, mp4, external, key hard disks usb, camera.), all which was able to be connected to the computer.

Launch DrWeb CureIt, a screen as this one displays:

DrWeb CureIt!                          DrWeb1

Click "OK"

The program is going to verify that it is good up to date.

Check the box "I agree to participate blah blah blah" …, then click to continue

DrWeb CureIt!                          DrWeb2

On the homepage, the click "select objects for the analysis"

Check All on the left, then select "Click here to select files and Folders".

DrWeb CureIt!                          DrWeb6

Check "My computer", what will have the effect of marking all the storages beforehand connected as aforesaid, then click "OK"

DrWeb CureIt!                          DrWeb7

Click on "OK" then on "Launch analysis"

The complete analysis runs.

Once ended, let all the infections found on "Dinsinfect", then to click "to neutralize"
DrWeb is going to neutralize the threats and show the result(s)
DrWeb is going to ask to restart the computer to perfect the cleaning, make it
To post the report , go in:
C:(generaly)\<users , or "Documents ans settings" for XP>\the session\DrWeb

In this folder is "CureIt.log".
Click straight ahead above then select "Send to" = > compressed files
Accommodate the archive so created on and give the link onto the forum where we were helped.

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