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Message par g3n-h@ckm@n Dim 3 Nov - 10:19

Download here : : CleanX-II of sUBs (thank you mOe)

If you have XP = > double click
If you have Vista or Windows 7 = > right click " run as administrator "

Disconnect your internet access. Cut all the physical accesses (disconnection of the modem).
Close all the applications.
Deactivate then revive your system restore.
Launch CleanX-II.exe to start the repair.
Click "OK" when you receive a message of warning.
At the end of the scan (who can take several minutes, waits the time(weather) when he finishes) do this :
Start, execute (or Key windows + "R" and type : %temp%\report.txt. The notepad is going to open the report, then copy / paste it in your new comment.
If this report shows that there are still infected files (at the end of report after " Post RUN ANALYSIS "), launch the tool again.
Open again the report  with the method above and copy it's content in your answer. If there are still infected files, useless to relaunch the tool. It is necessary to examine the report.

This: specially conceived(designed) by bitdefender for brontok A

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